Why Just Complain Over A Lost Bag When You Can Sing About It In A Video?

There might be nothing more frustrating when you lose a bag full of expensive (or otherwise) stuff while flying somewhere, only to be met with a lackluster response from the airline you traveled on. Instead of just complaining, one customer has employed his musical and video skills to decry his treatment in a song called, “Jet Blew” on YouTube.

The description below the video explains the situation he found himself in on that fateful day.

In February of 2011, I was traveling for work from NY to Orlando, FL on an airline which shall remain nameless for now. I surrendered 2 bags of luggage to be checked with the airline. When I arrived in Orlando, the one bag filled with clothing was there, the other bag filled with approximately $9000 of audio equipment I use for work was not. I was never given an explanation as to what happened to my missing bag, instead, the airline offered me $546.32 in consideration of the bag itself & some other allowances according to company policy. What ever happened to my bag? I had to use my imagination. See if you can guess which airline it was…

We’re going to use all of our powers of reasoning and guess that it was JetBlue.

Jet Blew [TwincliffMusic]

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