Why Just Complain Over A Lost Bag When You Can Sing About It In A Video?

There might be nothing more frustrating when you lose a bag full of expensive (or otherwise) stuff while flying somewhere, only to be met with a lackluster response from the airline you traveled on. Instead of just complaining, one customer has employed his musical and video skills to decry his treatment in a song called, “Jet Blew” on YouTube.

The description below the video explains the situation he found himself in on that fateful day.

In February of 2011, I was traveling for work from NY to Orlando, FL on an airline which shall remain nameless for now. I surrendered 2 bags of luggage to be checked with the airline. When I arrived in Orlando, the one bag filled with clothing was there, the other bag filled with approximately $9000 of audio equipment I use for work was not. I was never given an explanation as to what happened to my missing bag, instead, the airline offered me $546.32 in consideration of the bag itself & some other allowances according to company policy. What ever happened to my bag? I had to use my imagination. See if you can guess which airline it was…

We’re going to use all of our powers of reasoning and guess that it was JetBlue.

Jet Blew [TwincliffMusic]


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  1. almaden says:

    “United Breaks Guitars” was catchier.

  2. Cat says:

    “the one bag filled with clothing was there, the other bag filled with approximately $9000 of audio equipment I use for work was not.”

    I believe that within that sentence lies his answer.

  3. Bobster says:

    There is a way around some of this baggage getting stolen, when you travel carry a part of a gun in your luggage and when asked if you have anything to declare, declare the gun part.

    This will make them check the item and log it, then when the bag gets checked in they will seal it with tape and the bag should be ok, if the tape is broken then someone went through your bag illegally.

    At least i think it works that way.

    • SecretShopper: pours out a lil' liquor for the homies Wasp & Otter says:

      I’m not positive either but I thought when you travel with a gun or gun part you have to keep it in a special case, which you can then put a non tsa lock on to keep people out.

  4. bdgbill says:

    I have been taking 30 or more flights a year for 14 years and I have never had a bag completely lost. My bag has been “delayed” many times (on the majotiy of US Airways flights I have ever been on) but it has always been delivered within 24 hours.

    Must be a fluke because I have been on the receiving end of just about every other airline related customer service atrocity.

  5. yakkowarner says:

    See this video about flying with firearms. It is from 2009 so the info maybe outdated … still interesting.

  6. Browncoat says:

    I hate to blame the OP, but………..$9000 in a checked bag?

  7. sirwired says:

    If you have $9000 worth of gear, NEVER put it in checked luggage. They won’t insure it, even if you offer to pay, and if it gets lost, tough cookies.

    Send it via a common carrier that WILL insure it.

  8. dicobalt says:

    You shouldn’t trust any airline with a $9000 piece of luggage. That stuff needs to go UPS/Fedex with full insurance.

  9. thomwithanh says:

    So I guess United Breaks Bags now too

  10. ktone says:

    If I had nine grand of anything to ship I would slip a working smartphone with GPS hidden in the lining of the bag or in a piece of the gear.