Verizon Charges You Extra $700 For Returning A Phone

Ron is a longtime, loyal Verizon Wireless customer. Things were going quite well until he returned a new phone recently. This phone was somehow never logged in at the warehouse, and Verizon keeps piling equipment fees on Ron’s account. Now his service has been shut off, which is bad news for him and for his patients: he’s a doctor and on call. He has FedEx tracking info indicating that he sent the phone back, but Verizon didn’t record it on their end.

Very long story short: I have been a VZ customer for ten years and always have paid my bills on time. I returned a phone to VZ warehouse in Texas by fedex. They have it, but apparently it did not get “logged in ” correctly. They are adding a $300 charge to my account. I have spent hours on the phone, a dozen phone calls, spoke with multiple supervisors, to no avail. My bill today now has added another $400 for equipment . I did not purchase any new equipment! On top of that, they stopped my cell service today! I am a physician on call, and had no cell service! I have paid my bill each month, minus the disputed amount, which is what the supervisor told me to do.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this? I have spoken with multiple supervisors including [S], [T] (who even texted me saying she would get back to me – she did not).

I spoke with yet another supervisor, [R], today. He said he would call me back in 20 minutes. That was yesterday afternoon!

I am ready to switch carriers. Very frustrated the way Verizon is treating a good customer. Any suggestions?

Verizon has responded well in the past to executive e-mail carpet bombs, and mentioning the “hey, I’m a physician” thing might get their attention. Another reader recently reported success with contacting the office of their Verizon Region President.

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