Posting A Photo Of That Time You Stole Gas From A Cop Car Is A Bad Idea

Oh, you silly criminals! We don’t really even need to say “alleged” criminal in this case, as a Kentucky man posted a photograph of himself siphoning gasoline from a cop car on Facebook. That’s pretty much an admission that you’re doing something wrong. But hey, innocent until proven guilty.

The Smoking Gun says the alleged perp is facing a misdemeanor charge after police caught wind of his photographic shenanigans on the social network. He was apparently stealing the gas last month from a squad car, and flipped off the camera as his girlfriend snapped a pic to commemorate the event.

Cops got a copy of the photo eventually and arrested the man this week for theft by unlawful taking, according to an arrest warrant, which alleges that he he stole gas from a police cruiser and then “posted a picture of his theft on facebook.”

The photo in question has been removed from his Facebook page, but the man updated his pals yesterday, posting “just got out of jail,” yesterday. He also replied to a friend who hadn’t seen the picture, saying, “yea lol u would just have to seen it it was funny as hell tho.”

Sure was. Have fun with that whole misdemeanor thing!

Facebook Photo Sinks Man Who Stole Police Gas [The Smoking Gun]

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