Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Find More Ancient Gadgets

Consumerist readers are a determined bunch. Against all odds, you keep going: exploring Walmart stores across the country in search of the oldest and most obsolete items that Wally World has to offer.

If you’re disappointed that you missed out on the ten-year-old Sony Mavica priced at $269 that we featured last time around, pay a visit to Andrew’s local Walmart in Illinois: they’ve got one on the shelf, too.


If you still have an Xbox lying around and missed out on Madden 2002, stop by Jeremy’s local store. He writes:

Just saw this earlier this afternoon in the markdown video game dump bin. A 10 year old game, for a game system that’s been obsolete for years.. and it’s still $20!


It’s not dead stock. It’s vintage.

Finally, Outrun1986 found this handheld game from 2006 at Walmart. All very well and good, but just a bit out of date. He writes:

Miuchiz game/toy that came out in 2006 still selling for 17.00. The toy uses an online website type game that probably doesn’t work anymore.


The game might still work, but you can get it on Amazon even cheaper, and it’s true: the website no longer exists. Well done, Walmart.

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