How Amazon Was Amazing To Kindle Customer

Mike wasn’t looking for a freebie. He just had a few cosmetic scratches on the touchscreen of his Kindle Fire and wanted to know if there was a way he could minimize them or buff them out. He called up Amazon to ask, and their solution wasn’t a healing screen cover or a special polish. They shipped out a new device to him the very next day.

I was given a Kindle Fire as a Christmas present from my parents (they should never have gotten me such an expensive gift as they are not well off) and I loved the device to death. I used it for everything and was reading a classic (read public domain and free) a day as well as everything else you can do on this little tablet. I did not buy a screen protector but a case assuming the aluminium glass would not scratch easily. Well, a bit of sand or grit got into the case and the surface received a few superficial scratches.

I called amazon and explained that I had a few scratches that were merely cosmetic (they disappeared when I turned on the device) and asked if there was a polish or cleaner that they recommend using to make them less visible. The person on the line asked for my account information and said that they did not know of any product but asked me to wait. About 30 seconds later the rep came back on the line and informed me that everything on my kindle was now completely backed up and I would be receiving a free replacement in a few days. The new Kindle arrived at 2:30 the next day. In five minutes amazon gained my loyalty.

I bought a screen protector this time (I had my fiance install it, because I hate those little buggers). But, wow. Amazon went above and beyond and I will be their customer for years to come.

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