This Kebab Seasoning Is Unlike Any Other Meat Spice We've Seen

Consumerist reader Ashi was surfing the interwebs, perhaps on the hunt for just the right kebab seasoning, when he happened across a promising item sold through Amazon. “Sadaf Ground Meat Kabob Season, 1-ounce.” Sounds tasty — too bad it’s being sold with a picture of an entirely different product.

Instead, there are six pictures illustrating what seems to be some kind of case, charger, and a blue bracelet, before the actual picture of the item being sold. Well perhaps the product description could be of some help? Nope.

Instead, “Carry and protect your device with this CUBE Nylon Case. This Stylish scratch and water resistant case lets you carry your device wherever you go.” It goes on to tout the dreadful things that won’t happen to your device with this lovely case.

It’s $13.99, a price we’re unsure is meant for the meat seasoning or for the protective case. Anyone brave enough to go ahead and order it and see which product shows up in the mail?


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