Firefighter Allegedly Robs Bank & Leaves The Teller A Nice $20 Tip

It’s always nice to reward others for providing good service — and apparently that includes the friendly neighborhood bank teller working at the window during a robbery. Cops in Dallas say a firefighter robbed a bank and handed $20 of the stolen money back to the teller as a tip.

Local NBC 5 News says the man has been charged with robbing a Chase Bank on April 10. Officials say he entered the bank late in the afternoon and asked to use the bathroom, which is outside the bank lobby. When he returned, a teller approached him to offer assistance.

That’s when the fireman went all bank robber, saying, “Give me all the money” repeatedly to the teller. She finally did, and he slid back $20, saying “Here is a tip for you.”

He was arrested when he reportedly tried to rob another business, and cops found a black backpack full of money from his earlier heist. He’d been on administrative leave from his duties as a fireman, after allegedly bringing a loaded semi-automatic pistol to a fire station.

Dallas Firefighter Robs Bank, Leaves Tip []

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