Two Baggage Handlers Fired At Boston Airport For Stealing From Checked Bags

In more disheartening news from our nation’s airports, two baggage handlers at Boston’s Logan International airport have been arrested for pilfering goods from customers’ checked luggage. All of the passengers who were victims flew on Lufthansa Airlines, and lost money, laptops, cameras and other expensive items.

WBZ-TV in Boston says the two men worked side by side in the terminal stealing items. State Police say they caught the alleged thieves by setting up hidden cameras, and say the men were spied on tape hiding stolen goods in their clothing and backpacks. Cops say some of the loot was recovered at the homes of the men.

TSA officers are on surveillance when they go through your bags, but often baggage handlers aren’t subject to the same video scrutiny.

This is far from the first time we’ve had to report on such shenanigans at airports, and unfortunately, it’s unlikely to be the last.

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Two Arrested For Stealing From Checked Luggage At Logan Airport [WBZ Boston]

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