TSA Screener Accused Of Stealing $50K In Electronics From Travelers

As if worrying about having your private parts groped — or being scrutinized and mocked — by TSA screeners wasn’t enough, yet another airport security staffer has been arrested and accused of using his position to pilfer thousands of dollars worth of travelers’ treasures.

This time it’s a TSA screener at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida who stands accused of stealing around $50,000 in electronics in just the last six months.

According to CBS Miami, the screener wasn’t just quick-fingered, he was also speedy about getting his purloined goods available for sale online. It’s alleged that some stuff was stolen, advertised and sold all before he got off work for the day.

The man, who had been with the TSA for more than 2.5 years, was arrested after a Continental Airlines staffer claimed to have spotted him stealing an iPad from a suitcase and then stuffing it down his pants… A fact we’re guessing he didn’t advertise when he tried to sell his goods online.

A rep for the TSA tells CBS Miami:

The Transportation Security Administration has a zero tolerance for theft and we move swiftly to terminate the employment of anyone who violates the public’s trust working closely with our law enforcement partners. The action of this former employee should not reflect on the outstanding job our more than 48,000 officers do every day to ensure the safety of the traveling public.

Earlier this year, TSA employees at JFK admitted to stealing at least $160,000 worth of passengers’ property. And last fall, a screener in Newark, NJ, was arrested for allegedly stealing cash out of carry-on bags while his supervisor turned a blind eye.

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