Michigan Woman Who Won $1 Million In Lottery Stays On Food Stamps

It’s not unheard of for recent Michigan lottery winners to consider themselves so hard up that they subsist on food stamps. Following last year’s revelation that a Michigan man who won $2 million in the state lottery remained on welfare, now there are reports that a woman who snagged $1 million in winnings is doing the same.

She tells the Daily Mail that she needs $200 a month in government assistance because she’s got more money, more problems and no job. “‘I feel that it’s okay because I mean, I have no income and I have bills to pay,” she said. “I have two houses.”

State politicians are trying to stop embarrassing stories like this from emerging by considering a bill that would prevent lottery winners from using food stamps. Such a law — intended to stop rich people from mooching off the system — might have unintended consequences, because there are so many stories about lottery winners who blow all their winnings and end up penniless and badly in need of a safety net.

‘It’s okay because I’m not working: Woman, 24, who just won $1MILLION lottery and bought a new home all cash is STILL collecting welfare [Daily Mail via Fark]

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