Cops Bust Tide Detergent Theft Ring Operating Out Of Barber Shop

The wave of Tide detergent crime keeps on rolling, sweeping through the country like some bizarre scene out of a neurotically clean person’s dream. Cops in Maryland say they’ve busted a theft ring peddling Tide on the black market. Come on, people. We told you how to save so you don’t need to buy ill-gotten detergent.

WJZ-13 in Baltimore says cops seized $125,000 worth of stolen merchandise at a barber shop in Prince George’s County, and among the items found in the bust was Tide detergent. Officials say the stuff was a key product in a major theft ring.

“There are some stores that will no longer sell the product because it gets stolen just that often,” said Julie Parker, director of Media Relations for the Prince George’s County Police Department.

As we explained before, some police officials liken the detergent to liquid gold for its value on the street. It’s a brand everyone knows, and keeps going up in price. It’s often sold for drugs, or just because detergent is something everyone needs, making it a hit on the black market.

Stores across the country are cracking down on thefts, installing sensors on laundry detergent to deter shoplifters.

Prince George’s County Police Bust Laundry Detergent Theft Ring [WJZ-13]

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