Of Course Edith Is Totally The Worst At Downton Arby's, Too

What’s a nation obsessed with British import Downton Abbey to do while waiting for the third season to land on our shores? Why, indulge in fast food parodies of the show, of course. And even in the land of Downton Arby’s, ugh-inducing Edith is the utter worst and Bates just can’t catch a break.

In the world of Downton Arby’s, the accents are still there, and the aristocrats are still decked out in their finest. But when it comes to the scheming O’Brien and Thomas, heroine Anna and Sybil’s sweetie Branson, they’re manning the fry station and tossing around roast beef.

And no, perpetually annoying and frumpy sister Edith doesn’t catch a break in the land of curly fries, either. That’s the way we like it. Our only complaint? The equivalent of Cousin Matthew has a far less swoon-inducing gaze.

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