Passengers Can Fight, Too: Woman Allegedly Attacks Crew Mid-Flight

Although it’s been flight attendants and captains making the headlines lately for disrupting flights with scary and sometimes violent outbursts, let’s not forget that passengers can exhibit wild behavior as well. A woman flying on US Airways yesterday had to be restrained after attacking the flight crew, say cops and airline officials.

NBC-17 in North Carolina happened to have a reporter on vacation who was able to interview passengers and crew coming off the flight from Charlotte in Ft. Myers, Fla.

Witnesses say the woman had expressed fear of flying, and then turned combative when she was refused alcohol. She reportedly “got out of her seat and attacked the crew, kicking them, spitting in their faces, and knocking one flight attendant to the ground.”

The crew said a sheriff’s deputy onboard helped tackle the woman after she attacked the crew. The woman broke an arm rest during the incident, said the report, and assaulted three of the crew in total.

Police and EMS greeted the flight last night, and found the woman still ready to fight although she had been restrained with hand ties in the back of the plane. She’s been charged with Interfering with an Aircraft, and Battery.

Yesterday was a combative day in the air, as a JetBlue captain had to be restrained after reportedly yelling about bombs mid-flight from New York to Las Vegas, prompting an emergency landing in Amarillo, Texas. Earlier this month, a flight attendant scared passengers by taking over the PA system to rant about the plane crashing, while they were still taxiing on the runway.

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Exclusive: Passenger attacks flight crew on US Airways flight from NC [NBC-17]


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  1. TuxthePenguin says:

    Perhaps its time to just start issuing sedatives for the duration of the flight?

    • AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

      It should be like a sci-fi movie, like Aliens, where everyone is put into a sleep state before they take off.

    • axhandler1 says:

      They already have the little booze cart! And airport bars beforehand, what more do you want? If people won’t take the hint, maybe we should make it mandatory. Just have the person checking tickets at the door hand each passenger a double of tequila. Problem solved!

      • Joseph S Ragman says:

        No. Half the passengers would want another double. Then another, and the trouble wold be just beginning. How about NO alcohol prior to getting on the plane, then simply DEAL with the cact you’re flying?

    • cromartie says:

      Sold. I’ll have two Xanax with my Biscoff cookie, please.

  2. Amaras says:

    She gets charged due to a psychological breakdown, but the Pilot doesn’t.. Show you the double standards today.

    • thomwithanh says:

      The pilot in question was suspended without pay

    • Round-Eye §ñ‰∫∫„ÅØ„Ç≥„É≥„Çπ„Éû„É™„ÉÉ„Çπ„Éà„ÅåÂ•Ω„Åç„Åß„Åô„ÄÇ says:

      The pilot was restrained by passengers, but I don’t remember reading that he was ever combative with other crew members or with passengers. I think *that* may be why he wasn’t charged with battery. Interfering with an Aircraft, though, that’s a good call. But still, I love your jump to a conclusion that there’s a double standard. Please pull the race/sex/sexuality/religion card next.

  3. StatusfriedCrustomer says:

    We need to get more of these hand ties on the airplanes. Sounds like in this case the seat belts weren’t removable.

    Even snakes, if long enough, could be used to tie up someone in a pinch.

  4. BorkBorkBork says:

    what is it about planes that brings out the crazy in people?

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      Tight spaces – Usually you can walk away from a crazy person, and crazy people rarely like being boxed up.

  5. gman863 says:

    Why can’t people remember the simple solution to freaked out passengers given to us in Airplane!

    All passengers must form a single-file beat down line; homies and nuns first.

  6. swehrung says:

    Sounds like a good candidate for a civil battery lawsuit as well

  7. Martha Gail says:

    If she has a fear of flying, it’s her job to take whatever meds or aid she needs to calm down *before* the flight or else wait until service starts.

  8. smo0 says:

    “There’s a colonial woman on the wing of the plane. she is dressed in authentic colonial garb. there’s something they’re not telling us!”

    • Round-Eye §ñ‰∫∫„ÅØ„Ç≥„É≥„Çπ„Éû„É™„ÉÉ„Çπ„Éà„ÅåÂ•Ω„Åç„Åß„Åô„ÄÇ says:

      I LOVE that line. I actually try to work that statement into a conversation once a week. Sometimes you have to go without “on the wing”, but that’s just an occupational hazard.

  9. dollym100 says:

    Next time, just give her the booze.

    One time I was on a flight from London to SF and we had to make an emergency landing in Bangor, Maine. I was terrified of flying and always had a couple of doubles in the airport. I was not sober enough to understand the pilot;’ reason why we were going to divert to to Bangor. When we were landing, fire engines were riding besides us on the runway and I asked another passenger why they were there. She seemed annoyed that I had missed the ordeal that everyone else had suffered through.

    After a couple of hours on the runway, I sobered up and that crippling fear started up again. I went to the cabin crew area and explained to the attendant about my predicament. She was so sweet, she immediately poured me a shot of vodka and told me to let her know whenever I wanted another one and said that I should come and chat with her if I started to panic.

    A couple of hours later I took her up on her offer and we chatted in the crew area for a while. The turbulence which was pretty bad was freaking me out and she told me that she liked to lean back against the cabinets and let the rocking motion soothe her. I tried it and it really worked, that and the vodka.

    I still remember her kindness.

  10. JohnCan says:

    “…and knocking one flight attendant to the ground.”

    My God! Was the door open?

  11. Press1forDialTone says:

    New design feature for passengers who for -whatever- reason cannot
    control themselves from harming others or any of the crew.
    If you get roudy and assault -anyone- else, you will be restrained by
    our crack shot steward with a stun gun, you will be placed into an air
    lock, the inner door sealed and the outer door opened to the air.

    Have a nice flight!
    Anybody else want to be disruptive?