Flight Attendant Removed From Flight For Talking About Plane Crashing Over PA System

‚ÄãThe last thing passengers want to hear from a flight attendant on the PA is anything relating to crashing — even when the plane is still on the ground and there’s actually no danger of that happening. An American Airlines flight out of Dallas Fort Worth was delayed and sent back to the gate this morning when a flight attendant went rogue.

According to the Dallas Observer, passengers said the 8:25 a.m. flight headed for Chicago was back to the gate at 9:15 and police had to escort a flight attendant from the plane.

While taxiing this morning, the woman reportedly came on the PA with an announcement that they would not be taking off, and were having technical difficulties so would be heading back to the gate. Then it got strange, when another flight attendant had to come on and assure passengers that everything was fine for take off, keep your seatbelts on and away we go.

Rogue flight attendant didn’t like that and kept warning of plane crashes and flight difficulties, as passengers quote her as saying, “Captain, I am not responsible for crashing this plane.”

That freaked everyone out, ultimately leading to some passengers helping to restrain the flight attendant. Eventually the crew was replaced and the flight did take off with the original pilots, who never left the cockpit during the incident.

The Chicago Tribune says the Federal Aviation Administration confirms there was “an altercation.”

An FAA spokesman confirms that the flight “taxiied for departure then requested to return to gate C29 and be met by the Dallas Police Department. Dallas police advised the FAA that there had apparently been an altercation on the aircraft and as a result, the pilot requested to return. Dallas police, the TSA, the FAA, and American Airlines will be involved in an investigation of the incident.”

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