Boston Airport Workers Hospitalized After Bag Emits Strange Odor

Just a reminder, folks¬†– don’t pack potentially hazardous materials in your bags when catching a flight. Four workers at Logan International Airport in Boston were sent the hospital when a bag reportedly started emitting a strange odor.

The Boston Globe says a hazardous materials situation was declared in the bag room where the incident went down. One passenger said the odor coming from the open bag was rodent repellant.

Whatever it was in the bag wasn’t great to work around, as 15 Transportation Safety Administration workers complained of headaches and eye and throat irritation this morning. Four of them asked to go to the hospital as a result.

An airport spokesman said no passengers were exposed to the smell, and delays were minimal at the airport. The flight went on its way without the smelly baggage.

“The room just passed an air quality test, and State Police are going through the bag trying to figure out what happened,” he said.

Mysterious odor in baggage room at Logan sickens workers [Boston Globe]

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