5 Mind-Stimulating Things To Do During Breaks At Work

You can stay sharp on the job if you use your breaks strategically, using your free time to recharge and hit your workload again with momentum. Wasting your break time with mind-numbing or exhausting activities, on the other hand, can trip you up.

Lifehack.org suggests some stimulating things to try during your downtime:

* Pull a friend aside. Timing your breaks to that of a close co-worker can bolster your structure and give you things to look forward to.

* Listen to a song. Have some relaxing or inspiring music at the ready to listen to as you take a brief walk.

* Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Aim for 10 deep breaths that will flush the tension away for a brief meditation.

* Savor an apple. Don’t just gobble it up. Focus on the tiny sensual pleasures of each bite.

* Spread good cheer. Seek out someone who has helped you and stop by to share your appreciation in person.

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