Worst Company In America Sweet 16: Comcast Vs. DirecTV

Welcome to Day 2 of Sweet 16 bloodshed! Unfortunately, because of exclusivity deals, those of you who haven’t paid $350 for the deluxe, HD/3D/Smell-o-Vision package will be blacked out from seeing the televised broadcast of these TV titans.

Former WCIA champ Comcast is looking to bring the Golden Poo back to Philadelphia. The Kabletown Krew got off to a blazing head start in Round One by taking more than 73% of the vote in its battle against New York-based rival Time Warner Cable.

Comcast made it all the way to the Final Four last year before being bested by eventual champ BP. If only the company had waited until that contest to inflame consumers’ ill will by trying to rig the vote, it might have been a repeat WCIA winner.

Of course, Comcast needs to shut down DirecTV before it starts ordering T-shirts and hats emblazoned with the Golden Poo.

DirecTV won a clear victory — though not a trouncing by any means — over Dish Network in Round One.

Both companies are the biggest in their particular fields. Both have racked up oodles of customer complaints about service and billing. Both force customers into mandatory binding arbitration in their dense terms of service.

So go ahead and kick a few holes in your wall and overbill yourself in celebration of this morning’s match — and then go vote.

(Voting on this poll will close at 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday, March 23.)

This is a post in our Worst Company In America 2012 series. The companies competing for this honor were chosen by you, the readers. See the entire WCIA 2012 bracket and schedule of match-ups HERE.

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