How Can I Protect The Public From Potentially Spoiled Cheesecakes?

Somewhere in New York City, there is a rebellious grocery store that doesn’t follow the rules. Except the rules this store ignores don’t make it hip and interesting. They might make people sick. Every time Angela goes to the store, she notices a shelf of baked goods–cheesecakes and pies–that are supposed to be refrigerated, but aren’t. Store employees don’t seem to care, and the city health department has more important things to worry about. It’s only Angela left, standing up for perishable food and for justice, and she doesn’t know what to do next.

She writes:

Hi – the attached photo is from my local [redacted] grocery store, where they are storing/selling from the shelves items that are supposed to be refrigerated. From left to right those are two different types of cheesecakes, some type of banana creme pie, and some type of chocolate creme pie. All say on their labels to “keep refrigerated,” and you would find these items in the refrigerated section of any other grocery store, seeing as how they’re cheesecake and creme pies!


Yet the [redacted] sells them from the shelves – you can see by the price tags on the shelf that this is not a mistake.

This has been going on for months now – I have tried everything from explaining to the people who work at the store, up through I have even tried emailing the New York City Health Department. And still these “keep refrigerated” items are being stored on the shelves.

I obviously am not buying these cheesecakes and creme pies, but… is there anything else that you could suggest I try and do in order to get this store to actually refrigerate the damn “keep refrigerated” items?

Two additional venues to try are the chain’s corporate overlords (maybe?) and the companies that make and distribute the desserts. If a customer gets sick, they’ll blame the baker first, not the store.

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