Verizon: You Totally Need This Unnecessary FiOS Upgrade

Verizon really wants Sean to sign up for FiOS. Really, really wants him to sign up. He’s happy kicking it old-school with a regular old copper landline, and dumping the barrage of FiOS ads in the trash. So it was interesting when he got a letter apologizing for nonexistent “service issues” in his area and urging him to upgrade to the newer, shinier fiber optic network. The letter assures him that he can totally keep his current phone plan at its current price – even though the equivalent plan under FiOS is cheaper.

I’ve been getting bombarded by Verizon’s FIOS department with ads for the past couple of years. Everything from tabloid-sized glossies to letters to postcards. More insidious are the ones disguised to look like bills. Today I received one which has to be the worst of all (see attached).


There are no “service issues” with my phone line. It’s there as my insurance co requires my alarm system be monitored via traditional copper phone line. It works, otherwise the alarm system would have sent a trouble/service needed call via cell backup.

Note, they make NO mention that this “transition” actually subscribes me to FIOS, and at a crappy rate at that since FIOS voice plans are substantially less than copper-line plans. They also make NO mention that in “transferring” to FIOS, they remove my copper loop from their database, so I can’t get phone or internet service from another landline provider (CLEC).

I just thought other people out there should be aware of this. I’ve seen Verizon do quite a few dishonest things, but this is one of the worst. Especially permanently locking you into them as your sole provider for phone and internet service.

Well played, Verizon. Not just locking in customers, but as long as they’re upgrading phone lines, maybe ask customers whether they’re happy with their cable TV and their Internet service provider.

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