Environmentally-Friendly Toilet Paper Is Just The Right Shade Of Brown

In an attempt to go green, Cascades tissue company is browning up their toilet paper with a 100% recycled, unbleached offering. They’re peddling the brown bath tissue to businesses now and hope to bring it to consumers’ bathrooms later this year. But yeah, brown toilet paper! Interesting.

CNBC.com says the paper is a mix of 80% post-consumer material, like your usual office paper and magazines, and 20% recovered corrugated boxes. That cardboard will lend the Moka paper its brownish hue to let people know it’s environmentally friendly. The usual gray hue of recycled products would look too dirty, you see.

While brown for a bathroom product might seem off-putting, Cascades is banking on the fact that we’ve been inundated with brown napkins and paper towels to the point where we won’t blink an eye at non-white toilet paper. Previous attempts to tint TP haven’t gone well, leading Cascades rivals to get all sassy about the brown move.

“I think in the back of the mind there is this issue of cleanliness, and white is considered to be a sign of a product that is clean,” said Lisa Morden, tissue product manager for Kimberly-Clark’s K-C Professional North America unit.

Cascades did a small survey, however, where they found that 82% of consumers would be willing to buy tissue tinged tan.

What it will all come down to is performance — if you can achieve a nice soft wipe that gets the job done, then who cares what color the paper is?

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