Michigan Bars Using Coasters With QR Codes To Help Drunk People FInd A Ride Home

There will be lots of green beer going down (and unfortunately coming back up) the throats of drinkers around the country this weekend. But a new initiative in Michigan is hoping to keep drunk bar-goers from getting behind the wheel by giving them a way to find the number for a nearby taxi service.

The state’s Office of Highway Safety Planning has placed coaster more than 500 bars and restaurants around Michigan that are printed with a QR code that, when scanned by a smartphone, will provide a list of numbers for cabs in the area.

Michigan officials are hoping this approach will appeal to the younger crowd of revelers who are supposed to be tech-savvy, especially since men in the 21-34 age group represents a significant chunk of those involved in drunk driving accidents or arrested for driving under the influence.

“The goal, always, is to encourage motorists to be safe and responsible when behind the wheel,” said Michael L. Prince, director of OHSP. “The coasters are meant to reinforce this important message.”

This all sounds like a nice idea — Give drinkers an easy, one-click way to find a list of local cabs. But we wonder if the folks that came up with this idea saw this study that showed how most college students have no idea how to scan or what to do with a QR code.

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