Study: College Students Have No Idea What To Do With QR Codes

In spite of the fact that every bit of marketing targeted at teens and college students seems to come with some sort of QR code for this smartphone-happy demographic to scan, a new study says that most college students don’t know what to do with the codes and have no interest in ever scanning them.

A study of more than 500 college students by youth marketing company Archrival found that only 21% were able to scan a provided QR code when asked. Some people tried to take a picture of the code with their smartphone camera (hint: it doesn’t work) and still others weren’t thrilled with the idea that you might need to download an app to scan the QR code.

Overall, the study found that 75% of college students are “Not Likely” to scan a code in the future.

Study: Nearly 80 percent of college students can’t figure out QR codes []

Thanks to Shawn for the tip!

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