Buying Girl Scout Cookies With Fake Money Is The Lowest Of The Low

So you’re jonesing for some Thin Mints and hey, a Girl Scout comes around willing to sell you some. It doesn’t matter if you need those cookies like Jersey Shore needs canceling, it is very bad form, not to mention illegal, to give a girl in green counterfeit money.

A Girl Scout near Boston found out the soullessness of some cookie consumers the hard way, when she took the haul her troop made off the treats to her local bank. Once there, she was informed that someone had passed her $80 in counterfeit $20 bills, says WBZ News.

“This is a very unfortunate situation that someone would do this at all, especially for the Girl Scouts,” said Allison Rubin, the media and public relations manager for the Girls Scouts of Eastern Mass. “We really want to appreciate and say thank you to everyone. We are not soliciting outside funding, but we really appreciate their support.”

The troop was trying to fund a hiking trip in May as well as a gathering on Cape Cod, and are now $80 farther from their goal.

Here’s to hoping your roommate/significant other eats all those Tagalongs before you even get to eat a single one, ye vile counterfeiters!

Tyngsboro Girl Scouts Receive $80 In Counterfeit Cash For Cookies [WBZ]

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