Attempted Theft Of Backpack Filled With Dirty Laundry At McDonald's Turns Violent

McDonald’s turned into a wrestling ring during a scuffle that started when a man tried to steal a backpack filled with “dirty laundry and resumes” from a homeless man. When a cop tried to arrest the alleged thief, things went into full on smackdown mode.

Miami’s CBS4 News says a man armed with a metal rod tried to take the backpack from the homeless man who was just about to begin his daily job search. The owner of the backpack was able to wrest his bag away from the other man, eventually, and a Sheriff’s deputy arrived on the scene to arrest the perp.

But once the deputy had the man on the ground to cuff him, the alleged thief exerted “super human strength” and flipped the deputy off of him.

“He appeared to have super human strength and threw me off him and knocked my lapel mic down preventing me from calling for assistance,” the deputy noted. Everything started going wrong for the cop when the man didn’t respond to two taserings. In the video, patrons are seen entering and exiting the store and not appearing that surprised at the struggle.

That’s when several homeless men stepped in to help, and were able to restrain the suspect and save the cop from potential serious injury. Witnesses say the man had been going for the deputy’s gun.

Eventually another deputy showed up and the man was finally subdued. On the way to jail he kicked out the window of a patrol car for good measure.

Yes, all over a bag of dirty laundry.

McDonald’s Scuffle Between BSO deputy And Man Caught On Camera [CBS4 News]

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