When You Plan Out Your Will, Be Prepared To Play Favorites

Life isn’t fair, and neither is death. When you sit down to plan out your demise, you’ll most likely find yourself picking and choosing among your descendants to give the better stuff to whom you deem to be the most worthy and competent.

My Journey To Millions, a blog penned by a lawyer who handles estate planning, offers a guide to helping you deal with setting up unequal inheritance. The writer talks about a scenario in which parents of three children leave behind a business and life insurance policy, and suggests leaving the chosen one the business while letting the family screw-ups split the life insurance money to equal the cash value of the company.

Discussing such things with family is incredibly difficult and emotionally taxing, but you may find that it’s a good idea to have the tough talks so people know what to expect when you pass away. It’s not recommended that you make your kids compete for your estate by braving a night inside a haunted house.

Unequal Distribution to Heirs [My Journey To Millions]

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