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Everything You Need To Know To Get Started With Obamacare Open Enrollment

Despite repeated Congressional and Executive branch efforts, the full Affordable Care Act is still in place. That means insurance-shopping season is nearly upon us: Open Enrollment begins Nov. 1 (and ends Dec. 15). But there’s less money being spent on advertising and outreach this year, which means even the basics can be hard to get solid information about. So here’s our when-and-where of getting yourself covered for 2018. [More]

Dunkin Donuts Unveils Incredibly Lame Promo Offer

Dunkin Donuts Unveils Incredibly Lame Promo Offer

Consumerist reader RandomHookup (probably not their given name) forwarded us a promo e-mail they received from Dunkin Donuts that asks customers to go out to a DD, buy one of their mocha drinks, take a photo of it, and be rewarded for their efforts with… fun facts. [More]