Comcast Techs Get The Hip-Hop Anthem They Have Long Waited For

Comcast — and techs for just about every cable company — don’t receive much in the way of love, as people tend to focus on the bad experiences over the good, but there is finally an anthem that celebrates the trials, tribulations and victories of the men and women who install and fix (or at least try to fix) your cable and internet connections.

“Ridin Around and Fixin It” by Antoine Richmond, essentially a cover of 2 Chainz’ “Spend It” that replaces that song’s lyrics with details of life as a cable tech in New Jersey, “ridin’ around town/two ladders up/four windows down.”

The song covers everything from messy customers’ houses (“I hope they tip me a hundred”) to being on time to not sleeping on the job.

Of course, we add the caveat that we have no definite proof that the man in the video is a Comcast employee, though all evidence seems to show that he and the other men and women in the clip are indeed citizens of Kabletown.

Anyway, put on your headphones and have a listen:

We also stumbled on this super-sexy slow jam from a Comcast tech:

Thanks to Joe for the tip!

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