Before You Leave Town, Take Care Of Items On This Checklist

When it’s vacation time, it’s easy to lose track of necessities in the mad rush to get out the door. You’ll thank yourself later if you take some time to plan out your needs and take care of them before you leave.

The Rebel Chick provides a checklist to look over before you hit the road:

* Hit the ATM. It’s helpful to have some extra cash on hand to take care of incidentals. Take money with you can you’ll avoid having to pay ridiculous fees from other banks’ machines.

* Round up your chargers and keep them close at hand. Keep them in a carry-on bag so you can still use your cell phone and other gadgets if you’re separated from your luggage.

* Determine how you’ll entertain yourself. If your trip includes a bunch of downtime and you don’t do well with quiet meditation, you’ll need something to keep you occupied.

* Don’t forget your drugs. If you take prescription medication or are prone to common ailments that you treat with over-the-counter drugs, determine what you’ll need and put them somewhere you won’t forget them.

5 Things To Do Before a Weekend Getaway [The Rebel Chick]

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