Allegiant Air Fined $100K For Running Afoul Of DOT's New Airline Rules

It’s been less than a month since the Department of Transportation’s new rules requiring airlines to advertise full fares and other guidelines protecting consumers went into effect, and already Allegiant Air is in deep trouble, to the tune of $100,000, for violating those mandates.

Our smarter siblings at Consumer Reports say the DOT leveled the fine at Allegiant, after they posted offers for “free” flights to Las Vegas and Tampa Bay, Fla. Those promotions didn’t reveal extra taxes and fees that would be tacked on to each fare.

They included an asterisk after “Fly Free,” which didn’t do much since it didn’t hyperlink anywhere describing the fine print. Consumers wouldn’t find out about fees until they clicked on the offer and scrolled down to the bottom of the next page. Allegiant also was remiss in informing customers of their $15 fee for tickets bought anywhere except at one of its airport ticket offices.

The trouble didn’t stop there — Allegiant also failed to record all disability complains, says the DOT, and didn’t categorize or account properly for issues raised in those complaints. In addition, instead of responding in writing to issues, they substituted a letter with a phone call, another no-no for the DOT.

Allegiant Air to pay $100,000 for violating advertising and disability rules [Consumer Reports]

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