Hidden Costs That Come With New Homes

If you’re having a house built, you’re in for a heck of a lot more charges than your down payment, closing costs and mortgage payments. To shape your new home into something livable, you’ll need to go out and buy things that you might normally take for granted.

Moolanomy identifies some hidden expenses in new houses:

* Landscaping. Unless you’re going for the dirt chic look, you’ll need to spruce up your yard with an assortment of structures and vegetation that make it hospitable to visitors. Expect a combination of brutal work hours and wince-inducing invoices from contractors.

* Window treatments. Roaming through your new home for the first time, it’s stunning to discover exactly how many windows you have. You’ll need to cover pretty much each one with blinds, curtains, shutters or something else.

* Appliances. Unless you’ve cut deals to include the amenities, don’t be shocked if your home is missing a refrigerator, a washer, dryer, ceiling fans and a garage door opener. Also, you’ll need to spring for lighting and may want to upgrade any mediocre appliances that came pre-installed.

4 Extra Costs When You Buy a New Construction Home [Moolanomy]

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