TSA Agents Leave Post, Figure Metal Detector Can Monitor Itself

Some things are just fine if you leave them unattended for less than a minute. Like, an apple, or a cat, or even a hammer. But a metal detector at an airport security checkpoint? Nope, you shouldn’t leave that alone when people are walking through it. Tell that to the TSA agents at the Sacramento International Airport.

The Transportation Security Administration had to shut down a terminal at the airport over the weekend, citing a security breach, says KCRA News. Flights were grounded for an hour, because four ticketed passengers and one airport employee waltzed through the abandoned metal detector.

Officials say “a walk-through metal detector was left unattended for less than one minute.” Less than a minute is again, okay when leaving a piece of paper on the table. But not okay here, TSA.

Once the TSA got wise to what had happened, they put the airport on lockdown and found the five people, who weren’t up to anything mischievous when they went through the checkpoint.

Two TSA officers have been removed from their screening duties while officials look into how everything went down. Pretty sure it involves legs, and walking away from the job.

*Thanks for the tip, Harper!

Security Breach Grounds Flights At Sac International [KCRA.com]

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