Rumor: Best Buy Is Extending Return & Price Match Policies To 30 Days

When it comes to murmurs of Best Buy doing anything that could benefit its customers, we keep our skeptical hats firmly on until they actually prove they’re not totally terrible. In this case, there have been rumblings that they’ll extend their return policy to 30 days, from 14. (via MacRumor) says they’ve heard from a Best Buy insider, who says not only will the return policy be extended starting March 4, but the store will also match prices for 30 days as well.

All products would be included in the new rule, including iPhones, iPads and other Apple products. That would be pretty clutch for Best Buy customers, considering Apple’s retail stores only have a 14-day return policy now. Amazon already offers 30-day returns on all electronics, so perhaps Best Buy is attempting to woo a few of their customers away.

Again, we won’t doff our skeptical hats quite yet. It’s not like Best Buy has failed to live up to our very low expectations in the past, after all.

*Thanks for the tip, David!

Best Buy to simplify return policy: 30 days, all products []

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