Trader Joe's Offers Multiple Serving Suggestions, Causing Cookie Consumption Confusion

Sometimes you just need someone to tell you exactly how many cookies is considered okay to eat at a time, but don’t ask Trader Joe’s the right serving amount of their Highbrow Chocolate Chip Cookies. They’re ready with not one, but two answers on that front.

Becca was shopping at TJ’s recently, a place she says she loves due to the friendly staff, fellow shoppers and even the nice dogs hanging outside the store. A happy place, until she was thrown into the depths of confusion over some new tasty treats.

These cookies, sold in a small box, are called Highbrow Chocolate Chip Cookies. On the front of the box are four cookies (one missing a bite), stacked atop each other. There’s an arrow pointing to the stack of cookies accompanied by the text “serving suggestion.”

But the nutrition facts didn’t seem to get the memo. It states that a serving size is 2 cookies. What’s the deal?

She proffers up photographic evidence which shows that yes indeedy, the arrow on the front seems to be pointing to the whole stack of four, whereas the back clearly sets the suggestion at two. Unless that arrow is supposed to just be pointing at the bottom two cookies in some weird move aimed at people who can read Trader Joe’s mind.


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