Sony Teams Up With AT&T To Anger PlayStation Vita Customers

In the months leading up to the release of the Sony’s handheld PlayStation Vita, a number of people pre-ordered a $299 bundle for the 3G version of the device that included a free month of wireless service. But now some of those customers are less than thrilled to find out that that free month is actually the second month of AT&T service.

Vita owners have to pony up for the first month of an AT&T data plan before they can redeem the free month pass to the Death Star’s DataConnect service.

Some of these customers are also peeved that the Super Stardust Delta game included in the bundle can not actually be downloaded until after AT&T service has been active for 30 days.

Writes IGN:

While this information is detailed on the bundle’s Amazon and GameStop pages, the fine print is featured below the basic info. The restrictions aren’t advertised on the bundle’s box, and in last month’s PlayStation Blog post, PlayStation Hardware Marketing Director John Koller made no mention of the restrictions when talking about the 3G bundle, although he did mention the data deal when talking about the other launch bundle.

A few customers are not that upset, figuring that a free month is a free month and they would have to pay for AT&T service sooner or later.

The 3G PlayStation Vita’s Fine Print [IGN]

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