Hidden Costs Of Being A Bridesmaid

Maybe the phrase “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride” is less a lament of singledom and more of a complaint about being forced by a succession of friends to make unreasonable financial sacrifices in the name of their big day. Women who are asked to be bridesmaids are forced through a gauntlet of brutal financial and time commitments, and should bear those costs in mind before accepting a request from a bride-to-be.

And Then She Saved outlines some of these catches to bridesmaiding:

* The dress. You not only have to spring for the garish garment, but also pay for alterations.

* Travel. If the wedding, bachelorette party and bridal shower aren’t in your neck of the woods, you’ll be making at least three trips in support of the events, as well as pitching in some cash for festivities so the bride doesn’t have to pay.

* A gift. In addition to all the other commitments, you’re still expected to shell out for a present like everyone else.

The post recommends accepting bridesmaid assignments discriminately. If you’d like to help out but don’t want to be part of the madness, politely decline being a bridesmaid and ask if there’s another way you can contribute.

The High Cost of Being A Bridesmaid And What To Do About It [And Then She Saved]

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