UPS Fails At Not Only Delivering Package On Time, But Also At Reading Comprehension

We’ve got to hand it to Nichole — when faced with a frustrating issue and three chat conversations with UPS customer service reps who don’t seem to understand the simplest of sentences, she remained cool as a cucumber. She says she attempted to resolve a situation wherein UPS failed to deliver an important package, but no one seemed to get what she was saying loud and clear.

She writes in to explain, and attached a lengthy chat transcript that spans three discussions with customer service reps, all who let her know that the person she’s being transferred to will be able to read what has already been discussed so she won’t have to repeat herself. Of course, she ends up repeating herself over and over.

As a payroll company, we rely on our shipping provider to help us get paychecks to our clients on time. We chose UPS because they told us they could guarantee that a delivery will occur by the date listed. The package, sent via 2-day ground, was mis-directed to an entirely different state. Once discovered, UPS re-sent the package via 2 day ground. Because the client (and their employees) cannot receive their paychecks late, the only way to resolve this on our end was to re-create the company’s paychecks and send them via overnight priority.

During her conversations, she tells each agent that since they have to resend the package, the company wants overnight priority shipping free of charge, and will likely be making a claim regarding the expense of having to redo the checks.

By the end of the frustrating exchange, in which Nichole patiently explains what her needs are, and reps ask about things entirely unrelated to what she is requesting, she asks, “Why should we continue to use UPS?” to which the rep replies, “The choice of your carrier is at your own discretion. Have a nice day,” and promptly disconnects.

A chat supervisor finally called NIchole back but, she writes, to heap insult on injury, she said “that the only thing she could do is refund the $7 ground shipping cost minus fuel. Wow. Thanks, UPS.”

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