If You Must Bring Your Gun To A Walmart Bathroom, Don't Drop It On The Floor

If there’s one place in rootin’ tootin’ Arizona you might hope to be safe from random gunfire, you’d think it would be the bathroom of a big box retailer. But you’d be wrong, because a man was at a Mesa Walmart was nearly shot by a stray bullet when someone in a neighboring stall allegedly let his revolver slip out of his holster.

The Arizona Republic reports the incident happened Sunday. Police say the suspect’s Ruger .357-caliber Western-style revolver fell out of his holster as he was tending to his business. A bullet shot out of the gun, then ricocheted off surfaces, striking five feet away from a guy at a nearby urinal. Both men apparently escaped injury.

The cops recommended that the slippery-holstered gunman be charged with a count of endangerment.

Let this be a lesson to secure all your valuables, especially those capable of killing others, before you drop your pants.

Mesa police: Man’s gun goes off in Walmart bathroom stall [The Arizona Republic]

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