Chase Takes Its Time Looking Into How Woman Received Envelope Full Of Strangers' Account Info

It’s a good thing not everyone wants to steal identities or drain strangers’ bank accounts, because that could’ve been a likely outcome when Chase mailed the account information for three of its customers to a woman in Illinois. She was surprised to get that envelope, to say the least.

Chicago’s CBS 2 says it’s even more troubling that when the woman tried to get Chase to address the situation, their response was sluggish, at best. Scary, because the envelope contained a letter addressed to her about a charge dispute, along with multiple pages of details like credit card and debit account numbers for at least three other Chase customers.

It took two days from when she called Chase for them to move on the mistake, at which time they said, “We will contact the affected customers, alert them to the issue, apologize and provide free credit monitoring for a year.”

There’s a lot a fraudster could do with that kind of information in two days, and as the woman herself said, “I could have gone on eBay and had a spending spree.”

And if she’s getting information on other people, that means Chase could be just as likely sending her personal details elsewhere. Because of that, she’s closing her account with the bank.

Woman Gets Letter From Bank With Others’ Credit Card Numbers [CBS 2]

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