Colorado Town Hopes To Lure In Tourists With A Hearty Cheer Of "WTF"

There are plenty of sights to see in Colorado, what with the Rocky Mountains and skiing galore, so how does one little town make itself stand out to tourists? With a big ol’ WTF! That stands for Welcome To Fruita, obviously.

Wait a second, says Denver’s CBS 4, that also stands for “What The F@$#”! Some upstanding citizens weren’t too happy with the campaign started by the City Manager, who wanted to emblazon WTF on billboards, signs and bumper stickers around town to attract tourists and give local businesses a bump.

Unfortunately for his cheeky plan, city council members didn’t like the idea and the campaign was given the boot.

Residents’ reactions ranged from disapproving to hey, good idea.

“I had a little bit of a startled reaction the first ad that I saw. It didn’t say ‘welcome to Fruita’ to me,” said one resident, while another approved, saying “I thought they were kind of funny and pretty catchy. I think the younger crowd would appreciate it a little more than the older crowd will.”

WTF Ad Campaign Raises Eyebrows in Fruita [CBS 4]

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