When To Keep Your Credit Cards Safely In Your Wallet

Yesterday we addressed reasons you shouldn’t use a credit card to pay your taxes, and there are several other situations in which personal finance experts recommend keeping your cards holstered. Fees, interest charges and security pitfalls are reasons to opt for other methods of payment.

Free From Broke identifies a few:

* When a salesman calls you up. If you get a cold call, you’re best off assuming the person on the other end of the line is a thief attempting to make off with your credit card info. Don’t let yourself be victimized.

* Bills you pay via the mail. Some places of business — most notably medical offices — still love to send out paper invoices, often allowing you to fill out your credit card info and send them back. To avoid the risk that your numbers will get into the wrong hands, pay via check or by calling the office directly.

* Loans. Going into debt to pay off other debt is a sign that you’ve got major financial problems. Long-term credit card interest usually tops that which you’ll find from car dealerships and bank loans, so it’s wise to use almost any other available means to foot the payment.

Four Places Not to Use Your Credit Card [Free From Broke]