Steps To Cut Costs For Glasses And Contacts

It can be expensive to keep your sight straight. Thankfully there are ways to keep down the costs for glasses or contact lenses.

Thirty Six Months suggests keeping your eyes on these steps to make sure you spend as little as possible maintaining your vision:

* Don’t buy contacts blind. Not all varieties of contact lenses are as comfortable as others, the writer says, so when you’re thinking of switching brands, see an optician for a fitting. You won’t save money by buying cheaper contacts that you won’t be able to wear.

* Scope out costs online. A number of outlets compete to supply your eyeware, so only stick with the place you’ve always bought your glasses and contacts if you’re sure it’s offering you the best deal. The writer suggests checking out such sites as Coastal Contacts for good prices.

* See about buying in bulk. Cut down on shipping costs and guard against inflation by buying glasses and contacts in greater amounts. You can partner up with others to split the costs and products, saving by buying at a high volume.

The Ultimate guide to cheap contacts and Glasses [Thirty Six Months]

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