Mike Matney

Amazon Sued Over Allegedly Defective Eclipse Glasses

Before the nationwide solar eclipse earlier this month, experts, including some at NASA, warned that solar eclipse glasses on the market may not meet normal standards for eye protection that one should normally wear when staring at the sun. The decentralized nature of Amazon’s marketplace meant that the site was a popular source for potentially insufficient eclipse glasses, and now people who bought them have filed a class action lawsuit against Amazon. [More]

Audrey Brevet

LensCrafters And Ray-Ban Parent Company To Merge With Lens Maker, Form Eyewear Voltron

Luxxotica and Essilor may not be household names, but you may very well have one of their products on your face right now. If you’ve visited LensCrafters or Pearle Vision for your eyeglasses or contacts, or Sunglass Hut for sunglasses, you’ve done business with the Italian eyewear conglomerate Luxxotica, and if you bought Varilux or Transitions lenses during that visit, you’ve done business with the French lens company Essilor. [More]

Steps To Cut Costs For Glasses And Contacts

It can be expensive to keep your sight straight. Thankfully there are ways to keep down the costs for glasses or contact lenses. [More]

The Lenscrafters Sales Vortex Will Not Let You Just Buy Frames

The Lenscrafters Sales Vortex Will Not Let You Just Buy Frames

Ryun writes that his long search for the perfect eyeglass frames led him to Lenscrafters, but the store’s sales tactics left him confused, embarrassed, and without the frames of his dreams. Was he wrong to walk out on the chain when they pulled out sales tactics he wasn’t comfortable with? [More]

Good luck trying to get a warranty repair out of these guys.

Luxottica Customer Service Is Just As Broken As Your Sunglasses

As we noted last week, Luxottica is the company behind pretty much all eyewear on the market these days, and you know what that means when it comes to customer service: if you don’t have to compete to keep your customers happy, why bother? That’s why Patricia is facing a ridiculously high repair fee, but can’t get through on the provided phone number to tell Luxottica to cancel the repair. In fact, every time she calls she’s put on hold and then disconnected. [More]


More cheap online eyeglass sources for the focus-challenged among us: Optical4less and Goggles4U. Yeah, they sound like scam sites, but Kevin Kelly vouches for them. [Cool Tools]