Stretch Out The Life Of Your Disposable Razors

You know an old razor blade is past its prime when a shave leaves you with a field of untouched stubble. A few quick maintenance steps can keep your razors lasting longer than usual, sparing you money and frustration.

AskMen suggests these ways to keep your disposable razors as sharp as a Consumerist commenter’s wit:

* Put up less resistance. If you make the job easier on your razor, you’ll give it more of a chance to last longer. Cover the area you’re going to shave with a hot towel to soften things up, and use warm water to keep your stubble warm and easier to cut.

* Give it a drink and a blow. After you clean your blade, rinse it with alcohol and then blow dry it. The process will sterilize the blade and remove blade-dulling moisture.

* Shelter it. Don’t keep your razor close to the sink, where you’ll splash water and soap on it. Instead, stow it away somewhere dry.

Make Your Shaving Blades Last Longer [AskMen]

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