Discerning Brooklyn Tots Now Demanding "Babyccinos" To The Annoyance Of The Borough's Baristas

Well isn’t this adorable, and by adorable we of course mean, eye-rollable: Apparently tasteful babies in Brooklyn and their parents are ordering something called a “babyccino,” which involves either decaf cappuccino or just steamed milk and foam.

The Brooklyn Paper (via New York Magazine) reports on the growing trend, which is of course, a ball for baristas who are asked to whip up the off-menu items for demanding tots across the borough.

Said one parent quoted by Brooklyn Paper, “Our children love babyccinos!” adding that he gets the milk-only versions for his five- and two-year-old.

One cafe owner says they do serve the beverages, but she doesn’t allow her own kids to drink them, explaining, “It’s a little weird — but we make it.”

But let’s be honest, many baristas are going to flat-out refuse to meet such a demand if it’s not on the menu.

“I have one customer who says that and it annoys the hell out of me,” said one barista in Park Slope. “It is not on our menu — which we are making an effort to stick to.”

We’re sure Portland has had these on the menu for years now, however.

*Thanks for the link, Harper!

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