3 Ways To Save Money On Your Car

It can be depressing to calculate the amount of time you spend working to pay for your car. Your ride siphons money from you in an overwhelming amount of ways, including your monthly payment, gas, insurance, registration fees, maintenance and repair. If you want to start living more frugally, you can cast a stink eye at your car to look for ways to start cutting back.

Thousandaire offers these to consider:

* Keep your maintenance receipts. It pays to keep extensive records of what work you’ve had done, which shops performed the services and what sorts of warranties are backing it up. Your paper trail can save you a bundle, preventing you from getting unnecessary work done and covering repairs you need.

* Make insurers compete to keep you. It’s easier to keep on re-upping with your current insurer, but a competitive market means insurers are always undercutting one another to vie for your business.

* Read your tires. Keep a close eye on your tires, making sure they’re properly inflated in order to get optimal gas mileage and prevent a blowout. If you notice uneven tread wear, that’s probably a sign that something else is amiss.

Ten Ways You Can Stop Wasting Money on Your Car [Thousandaire]

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