Sorry You Need To Get Screened Before Your Flight, But The TSA Has No Females Working Right Now

A woman was trying to fly home to Colorado when she says she wasn’t allowed to board her flight because of her gender. Well, not just that she was a woman, but because there were no female Transportation Security Administration agents on duty when she was going through security.

Jennifer tells CBS 4 in Denver that the TSA couldn’t put her through proper pre-flight security because she was a woman and they weren’t staffed to handle her.

“I said if I was a man and I wanted to board would I be able to go through security they said, ‘Yes’ but because there were no female TSA agents I couldn’t,” she told the station.

Jennifer’s flight had been announced as delayed, and she had headed outside for a few minutes. That caused her to miss the final boarding call for her flight, and the last female TSA agent had left by the time she got to security.

“If I needed additional security and needed a pat down it has to be by a female agent and I asked him what if I didn’t need additional security and I just go through normally and I don’t need a pat down, and they said, ‘It doesn’t matter’ they needed a female TSA agent there to go through at all,” she explained.

The TSA’s view is that she had plenty of time to get through security, and shouldn’t have made a mad dash when final boarding was called. Their statement reads;

In this instance, SkyWest made final boarding announcements and notified TSA that no additional passengers would be accepted. In addition, a TSA officer also made two public announcements asking any remaining passengers to report to the security checkpoint for screening. After the both the flight and checkpoint were closed a female passenger requested screening.

Yes, Jennifer should’ve waited inside to hear her flight called, but letting her just undergo regular security procedures without a pat-down, per the usual routine a majority of passengersgo through, wouldn’t have been uncalled for.

Woman Claims She Missed Flight Because Of Gender [CBS Denver]

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