Kraft Bringing Back The Formerly Homeless "Man With The Golden Voice" For Anti-Hunger Campaign

For fans of “The Man with the Golden Voice,” also known as formerly homeless man Ted Williams who was discovered on YouTube, enjoyed his 15 minutes of intense media attention, filmed a voiceover for a Kraft Macaroni & Cheese spot and sort of faded back into oblivion, you’ll be glad to know he’s back. Williams is helping Kraft with a Valentine’s Day campaign against hunger.

The Chicago Tribune says Kraft has hired Williams again, this time in their social media campaign to fight hunger for the usually sappy holiday.

Consumers who tweet using the hashtag #VoiceofLove on tweets about Valentine’s Day will get a chance to have Williams record a video message for their loved one. He’ll pick 100 out to win, while Kraft will donate 100 boxes of macaroni to Feeding America for every tweet, up to 100,000 boxes.

“As we developed this promotion for Valentine’s Day and looked at our advertising plans for the year, we felt we were in a position to help Ted use his great voice again,” Kraft spokeswoman Lynne Galia said in a statement. “Kraft Macaroni & Cheese has a tradition of bringing families together and helping those in need, and we continue to support Ted in his journey to build a better life.”

Ted went through some rough times — after a reporter filmed the former drug addict doing his radio voice, it went viral in early 2011 and he was launched to brief fame and made appearances on national morning shows. Though he had announced he booked two commercials for Kraft, he reportedly relapsed under the pressure of his 15 minutes of fame. Two rehab stints later he’s apparently ready to go again.

Gotta admit, we’re glad you’re back and doing okay, Ted! Every time that commercial came on we had to wonder, “What happened to that guy?”

Kraft brings back ‘golden voice’ spokesman [Chicago Tribune]

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