KFC Becomes First U.S. Fast Food Chain To Enter Palestinian Territories

After nearly two decades of attempts by U.S. fast food titans like McDonald’s to open up outlets in the Palestinian territories, it was Colonel Sanders from Kentucky who finally was able to be the first when a KFC opened up in the city of Ramallah over the weekend.

According to the L.A. Times, the main reason that no such eateries had opened in the Palestinian territories was an alleged insistence by Israeli franchisees that any such outlets be acquired through them and not independently, which contradicts Palestinian Authority law requiring that franchisees in the territories deal directly with the parent company.

The owner of the new KFC admits to the Times that there are some Palestinian groups calling for a boycott of his store because of U.S. support for Israel.

“Why should people boycott our restaurant?” he asks. “Everything we use here is 100% Palestinian; the chicken is bought at a West Bank farm, and so is the bread, and the employees are all Palestinian and almost everything else we use in the restaurant, except the recipe, which comes straight from the U.S.”

And just like in the U.S., this new KFC will soon have a Pizza Hut franchise next door.

Being Curb Your Enthusiasm fans, there was no way we could post this story without the following clip:

American fried chicken comes to the Palestinian territories [L.A. Times]

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