Will Ferrell Brings His Love Of Old Milwaukee To Nebraska In Regional Super Bowl Ad

Will Ferrell is spreading his enthusiasm for Old Milwaukee through the heartland, taking on Nebraska in a Super Bowl ad shown only in that state last night. Regional ads for the beer aired in Davenport, Iowa and Terra Haute, Ind. in the last few months, after Ferrell asked the company if he could make commercials for them free of charge, an offer they clearly couldn’t refuse.

Funny Or Die’s Tumblr (via NYMag.com) says: “No list of best Super Bowl commercials would be complete without this big-budget gem that only aired in Nebraska.”

Striding through a golden field, hoisting a fresh Old Milwaukee and cracking it open, Ferrell opens his mouth to impart his beery wisdom — only to be cut off by the local news promo in perhaps North Platte, Neb. Oh, you rascal, Will Ferrell!

Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee Super Bowl Commercial [Funny Or Die Tumblr]


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  1. clippy2.0 says:

    express written consent says “STOP RESISTING”

  2. scoosdad says:

    Even if they agreed to pay him by the word they would have gotten a bargain.

  3. themicah says:

    The three Davenport spots were quite popular with Davenportians. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Old Milwaukee sales increased significantly in that town as a result.

    Here they are:

  4. cromartie says:

    It wasn’t cut off by a news promo. It ended that way by design. This was part of the joke.

  5. ironflange says:

    His unfunniness is only exceeded by his poor taste in beer.

  6. Bripanov says:

    You’d figure Will Ferrell, Old Milwaukee, or some publicist somewhere in the chain would have the frame of mind to make an official Youtube channel for these commericals – the buzz would be amazing.

    Instead, everyone just links to a horrible cam rip & wonders what that sound is (it’s lawyers & license geeks facepalming)

  7. kierzandax says:

    Why in gods name are you linking to a shitty phone camera video?

  8. shthar says:

    Shorts in a wheat field? He is gonna be itchy!