Alamo/Enterprise Won't Stop Calling About Phantom Rental Car

Andrew is plagued by robocalls.The thing is, they’re not for a political candidate or a shady credit card scam. The calls are coming from Alamo/National Rent-A-Car, and Andrew has no idea why. He’s never rented a car from them, but that hasn’t stopped them from robocalling. A lot.

I have never rented a car with Alamo / National rent a car before. Over the past week I have been receiving phone calls requesting that I return a car I rented. I have called the individual office and the robo-dialer that calls me and have told them that I have in fact never rented a car from then and my name doesn’t not match the “name” listed on their system. I have asked to be put on their do-not-call list, yet they continue to call and call and call and fill up my voice-mail despite this.

They can only call you if you’re had any business with them in the past. If you’re part of the federal Do Not Call registry, you can report them to the Federal Trade Commission. They’ll get in big trouble for phoning you up if you are.

More immediate relief, though, will probably come from firing an executive e-mail carpet bomb at the highest execs you can find.

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